Let's use our experiences to make the world a better place

The word is messed up it always has been and, I believe, always will be. Boomers can improve it, though, by using our experience and skills to make a little part of it better. This blog talks about how each of us can become a force for good.

5 Ways for a Baby Boomer to be a Force for Good

To all baby boomers; we’re never too old to be a force for good. Still, as baby boomers age, we become more likely to use the old man or old woman excuse; I’m just too old to do anything useful. Or, we think that I’ve done enough and don’t have to do anymore. I deserve my retirement, we say to ourselves. Let this younger generation handle it. There are many other excuses we float out there to justify our inaction. It’s better to retire and rest.
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