Let's use our experiences to make the world a better place

Here are some memoirs of my years in Africa. I spent the lesser part of 5 years there as a Peace Corps Volunteer and working for salary in Ghana and Sudan. To say that those years, between July 1982 and December 1986, affected me in a profound way is a gross understatement. This blog is an effort to collate those experiences in ways that are factual but also creative. I hope you enjoy them.

Beauty and the Beast

I arrived to fix the village’s hand pump in the early afternoon. The women were still not back from the river. The pump was their only source of clean water. A large pond sat about 400 yards away but because it was filled with crocodiles, the women had to walk 5 miles for dirty water from the nearest river. So it was just the men and boys that came out to help me fix the pump.  Evidence of the dirty water they drank whenever the pump broke down could be seen on their legs and ankles. 
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