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Thankful for Trumpets

Grace of God

I am expressing deep thanks for Pachelbel’s Canon.  Chances are good you’ve heard it.  It’s soft and has that generic, classical music quality that makes it popular at weddings.  In fact, it may have been written specifically for that purpose.  There are many arrangements.  The string version, with violins playing the melody, is the most common.  You can hear it performed here if you so desire.  The arrangement I’m thankful for, however, is the one written for three trumpets and performed by Winton Marsalis as performed here.

Trumpets are my favorite musical instruments.  They have power that can pick a listener up out of their chair and hurl them to the back of the room.  But, at the control of a skilled performer, they can be soft and expressive like no other instrument.  Their grace is unsurpassed. 

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